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Weekly Mowing

Fresh Cut Turf Pros specializes in weekly lawn mowing for residential customers in Trenton Illinois. We know you have a busy life that should be spent with family and friends, let us help you! Let our weekly lawn care service help you take back that time doing the things you love!

Lawn Care (maintenance)

Many factors equate to a great looking lawn and we take all of them into account so you don't have to worry! We ONLY use the proper equipment, height, patterns, and speed to ensure you have a healthy and great looking lawn!

‍Spring Clean‍ ‍‍‍‍‍Up

Fall Clean Up


No need to spend your free time after winter is over cleaning up the yard and landscaping, let us do that for you can go back to doing the things you enjoy!

Winter is coming! Spend the last bit of time before the cold sets in doing the things in life you enjoy and leave the leaf clean up to us!

Shrub Tri‍‍‍mming

From “Yawn” t‍‍‍o “Lawn”

There’s nothing like coming home to a freshly cut lawn.

There‍‍‍’s nothing like coming home to a freshly cut lawn. 

It’s pretty amazing to come home and see the grass cut and the yard waste packed up and ready to go.

Aeration reduces compaction within your soil and creates an avenue for nutrients, oxygen, and water to reach the roots. Adding over seeding will fill in the bare spots and create a thicker and healthier lawn. ‍‍‍

Not only do some shrubs need to be trimmed at certain times throughout the year, but overgrown shrubs can be an eye sore! Let us take care of them for you.